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Pavol Hvizdos just finished translating two of my works into Slovak, releasing the translations under Creative Commons licenses and putting them on the Internet Archive. Pavol chose my third novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, and my short story Truncat (a sequel, of sorts, to Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom). This is way too cool.

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town in Slovakian,

Truncat in Slovakian

3 Responses to “Someone Comes to Town and Truncat in Slovak”

  1. mari

    There is no such language as “Slovakian.” It’s just “Slovak” (you had it right in the title to your June 18 post).

  2. Travis King

    Hi, Cory. I’m a little confused. This particular book comes with a no-derivatives license, right? Isn’t a Slovak translation a derivative work? Just wondering what we fans can and can’t do with your works before I accidentally violate the license agreements.

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