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Plain text file, 616k

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  1. Needle says:

    I'd like to point out that calling this file ASCII isn't exactly accurate - I observed that there exists in this file a large number of characters outside of the original ASCII character set, like ellipsis and accented characters. This is particularly significant to me since my text reader application is optimized for Japanese. When it encounters such characters, the program ignores or jumbles them up into an unreadable mess. Anybody know what the real encoding of this file is?

  2. Andreas says:

    Needle is correct: the file isn't ASCII encoded - it is MacRoman (which is not auto-detected by Win/Firefox or Win/IE).
    Cory, within minutes, I'll mail you a text file that works on all platforms (UTF-8 with Unicode signature).

  3. bowerbird says:

    note that a utf-8 file might or might not do needle and his screen-reading program any good...

  4. I've re-saved this as a UTF-8 file and reuploaded (also fixed the file-listing). Thanks, folks!


  5. Needle says:

    Well, I took it into my own hands and search-n-replaced my way to make a true ASCII-only version of the file:

    This probably doesn't count as another 'format', but for the (probably not many) people who's stuck with xenophobic i-Appli cell phone textreader apps which only reads Shift-JIS, it should work.

  6. bowerbird says:

    wow, needle, that's a very clean ascii version you've created! setext and everything. how'd you do it, with lynx? it's far better than the "official" version because it retains the italics markup. (although i prefer underscores to indicate italics, saving asterisks for bold, but that's a quibble.) i have a couple picky punctuation questions for cory about a few points, but i'll take those to the errata page. just wanted to say "nice job, needle!"

  7. Needle says:

    Thanks, but I actually didn't tweak the italics stuff at all- it was already made that way in the original version above. All I did was replace the out-of-ASCII characters with characters close enough within ASCII, like the e's in "protege", the a in "Tropical", the ellipsis with three periods ("...") and so on. Props for italics and setext formatting goes to Cory.

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