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Here’s part twenty-two of my reading of my 2005 novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town.

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2 Responses to “Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, Part 022”

  1. Al Billings

    Hey Cory,

    Can you give an update on the status of your upcoming novels and stories? I’m wondering what is coming out and when.

  2. Cory Doctorow

    Hey, Al! There’s MAKERS in Oct/Nov (UK/US), then the paperback of LB in Mar 2010; I’ve got THERE’S A GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW forthcoming in Strahan’s GODLIKE MACHINES antho, and TO GO BOLDLY in his new Space Opera antho. I think that’s it, apart from some short-shorts I’ve written for various educational outfits that I’ll be CCing soon.

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