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Here’s the next When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth installment. I think I’ll be finishing this one off in one or two more installments and then I’ll switch to some older material to change things up.

8 Responses to “When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth, Part 03”

  1. Chuck LeDuc

    I’m enjoying the holy heck out of this podcast. And no, you are _not_ reading too fast.

  2. Overwatch

    Brilliant job thus far! I’m finally getting to hear the rest of the story I’ve been waiting for since your reading in Lansing. I and the rest of my tech department anxiously await more. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Please don’t destroy the Internet :(

  3. Jonnyten

    I am so glad you are doing these podcasts Cory, they are great fun. I have a few nitpicks for when you rewrite these for print. In Sysadmins right after Felix reads the Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace, which is a brilliant scene by the way, Felix awkwardly reaches up and pats Felix on the shoe. I can see why that is awkward. I think it is supposed to be Vann. Also in Siege at some point Rita becomes Tina.
    Keep up the fun. And I loved Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

  4. Dan

    I’m really enjoying these (as I did After the Siege). I can think of no better way to hear a story than to hear the author read it. Unless it is read by Tim Curry or something. This is very generous of you and I hope you see fit to keep it up.

  5. Wade

    After weeks of meaning-to-listen-someday-real-soon, I finally burned “Sysadmins” to a couple of CDs and listed to episodes 1-3 on my morning commute today. This is my first exposure to your fiction and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for making this story available! I hope tonight’s traffic is just as messed up as this morning’s so I can get to the end.

  6. jeffrey

    I’m your newest fan. August 2008, day 2 of the Beijing Games. Just started listening to you.

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