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Update, Feb 29, 2004: Sadly, I no longer live close to Borderlands, the bookstore that was shipping inscribed copies for me — in fact, I now live 9,000 miles away! However, Borderlands still has a large supply of signed books and bookplates, and is happy to keep on selling them via mail-order wtih no shipping costs.

Looking for a signed copy of A Place So Foreign and Eight More? By a happy coincidence, I live a couple blocks from Borderlands Books, an excellent science fiction bookstore in San Francisco that is happy to do mail-order.

So, if you’re interested in a signed copy, you can call (888.893.4008), fax (415.824.8543), or email your order to the store, and they’ll send you a copy (while supplies last!). There is no charge for media-mail shipping within the continental US.
Priority mail in the US will be $6.00 (that’s delivery within three
days or so). International will be Global Priority for $10 to Canada or
$12 elsewhere. To get the free shipping, just mention that you heard
about it here.

13 Responses to “Get a signed copy shipped to your door”

  1. Thom May says:

    Sweet! I was wondering how i’d manufacture a trip to san fran just to get this one signed… Down and Out has been entrancing my friends and relatives ever since you signed it in february

  2. Zach says:

    How do you pay for it if you email them a request? Do you need to email credit card info to them, or can email the request and then pay for it through some other means?

  3. zinger says:

    Where’s your tip jar?

  4. Inkee Hong says:

    I liked Down and Out… But your story collection is superb and I love it. I can’t wait longer for your forthcoming book.

  5. Cory, your book is terrific. Thanks for this gift to the people in Latin America (and the rest of the world) that, otherwise, can have access to you!
    Muchas Gracias!

  6. A Place So Foreign

    I finally got my copy of A Place So Foreign and Eight More in the mail today. It is personalized and signed (thanks, Bryce!) and I don’t want to open it now. I might have to buy another copy to…

  7. nate says:

    wow i wish i had done that instead of the amazon way. just wanted to say great book. there is so much matierial there layed out in some of those stories to be able to make some more great work. i dunno if this is against writer ethics but i could read an entire short story book based on the buggouts/foam world.

    cheers mate

  8. Lilly Mee says:

    A friend told me of your site. That´s definitely what i was looking for. I will surely recommend you.

  9. Gui Leite says:

    I have just finished reading Down and Out and just wanted to congratulate you on your work. Not only your books are great but the CC license for developing countries is a great move.
    Once again, congratulations from Brazil!
    Gui Leite

  10. “Borderlands still has a large supply of signed books and bookplates”

    This cannot still be true, can it?

    By the way, while I am here, it would be nice to have a ‘Donate’ link for the earlier publications, even if it only says “Sorry, we will not be doing the libraries-send-me-requests-for-a-copy-and-you-send-me-the-receipt-once-you-have-bought-a-copy-for-them thing for reasons X, Y, and Z.” (The With a Little Help page does this nicely [http://craphound.com/walh/contribute/donate-to-cory]).

  11. Cory Doctorow says:

    Hey, Arlo — I’m in the process of rebuilding all these sites with centralized and up-to-date stuff. Thanks for pointing this out; hope it’ll be better soon.

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