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Originally Published in Tesseracts 8 (Tesseract Press, 1999)

“‘Home Again, Home Again,’ is at once intimate and spectacular.”

– Farren Miller
Locus Magazine
Issue 512, Vol 51, No 3
Sept 2003

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  1. Cory Doctorow

    Here’s this story’s intro from the book:

    This cycle of stories–“Shadow of the Mothaship,” “Home Again, Home Again,” and “The Super Man and the Bugout”–were the first time I ever recycled a world in my fiction. Half the fun of writing something new is inventing a new place and new people and new problems to explore. Even though these stories are related, they’re all very different in tone and timeline, all meant to stand on their own.

    The inspiration for the stylistic games in this piece was E.L. Doctorow’s “Book of Daniel,” which is, in turn, loosely based on the life of Abbie Hoffman–as well as the story of the Rosenbergs, the couple executed in the 1950s for allegedly selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets.

    I read Doctorow’s novel on holidays in Cuba, while I was learning to SCUBA dive, and his narrative trick of switching to the third person every time the narrator came to something too personal to reveal in the first person blew me away. I outlined this story while I was taking those first dives, clambering around the hulls of sunken fishing boats and slowly descending the walls of reefs.

    NB: E.L. Doctorow is not my father or anything. Family legend has it that my paternal grandfather’s great-uncle was E.L.’s grandfather. My folks bounced this off of E.L. after a reading and he seemed to think that it was plausible enough.

  2. Jeremy Keith

    The PDF above is very, very simple and not much different to the original text version (no conversion of quotes, emphasis, etc.). All I’ve done is change the typeface to 12 point Helvetica.

    The width is still fixed at 80 characters.

    I’m sure somebody else will put together some more sophisticated PDFs. This was just a quick fix done using the “Save as pdf” print option under OS X.

  3. Scarlet

    Jeremy Keith, I love your PDF’s, I give you big *smooch* for them, but this one is empty. :(
    Zero bytes. :(

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