/ / A Place So Foreign and Eight More, Stories

Originally Published in Science Fiction Age, March 1998

Reprinted in:

* Northern Suns
(Tor, 1999, David Hartwell and Glenn Grant, editors)

* Year’s Best Science Fiction XVI
(Morrow, 1999, Gardner Dozois, editor)

* Hayakawa Science Fiction Magazine (Japan)
September 2001

“Like most aliens-mingling-with-human-society stories, Doctorow’s story serves mostly to hold a mirror up to human nature, but the odd corner of human nature it examines is fascinating, and the story is smoothly and expertly written, with some good detail and local color and some shrewd insights into human nature and human culture, and an almost Bradburian vein of rich nostalgia running through it (although the nostalgia is quirky enough that perhaps it might more usefully be compared to R.A. Lafferty or Terry Bisson than to Bradbury).”

– Gardner Dozois
Editor, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

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  1. Cory Doctorow

    Here’s this story’s intro from the book:

    Though I started selling to the semi-professional markets when I was 17, it took nine years before “Craphound,” my first professional sale, saw print. Scott Edelman bought it for the late, lamented *Science Fiction Age* in the same month that Gardner Dozois bought “At Lightspeed, Slowing” for *Asimov’s,” though this story saw print a good eight months before the Asimov’s story made ink.

    This story remains my best-known. It’s been reprinted in best-of anthologies, translated into Japanese, and it gave its name to my domain, craphound.com. It seems to especially resonate with librarians, archivists, collectors and slacker doofuses like me.

    I think that there’s an increasing sense of the approach of the Singularity, the nonlinearity of human history, the harbinger of which is the extent to which all of our commonsense knowledge is flushed and replaced with brand new memes every five or six years. The quotidian ephemera of our childhoods already seem impossibly naive and silly–did I really once have a “stereo” the size of a buffet that played 78s? Our parents’ crap and tchotchkes are like the fanciful implements littering the tableaux at a local Pioneer Village–girdles and curling irons, typewriters and mimeographs, patent medicine and adding machines.

    The original title for this story was “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Craphound,” but thankfully the writers at the Cecil Street Irregulars workshop in Toronto talked me out of it.

  2. Jeremy Keith

    I should probably add a few notes about the PDF conversion I did.

    It’s very, very simple and not much different to the original text version (no conversion of quotes, emphasis, etc.). All I’ve done is change the typeface to 12 point Helvetica.

    The width is still fixed at 80 characters.

    I’m sure somebody else will put together some more sophisticated PDFs. This was just a quick fix done using the “Save as pdf” print option under OS X.

  3. Ulrik Kold

    Additionally, you would probably like to try a search for ‘Cory Doctorow’ on your favourite p2p-network, eMule/eDonkey … Go for it!

  4. Jamie Adams

    Here’s a version for MobiPocket Reader, a popular reader that comes with versions for all sorts of devices.

    Great work by the way. I can’t wait to read the rest.


  5. artm

    Another HTML
    with pages that remember the last scroll position using java script
    (only tested in firefox so far). I aim to make a collection of free
    fiction I liked and I started with A Place So Foreign and 8 (5
    actually) More.

  6. Christina

    Seb Perez-D- I’m a little late to this thread, but thank you so much for your prettified version. I love it! I printed it and am going to staple it so I have my own little booklet that I can write notes in.

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