Mini-comic of Printcrime

I’ve just uploaded a DIY mini-comic of my story “Printcrime,” which appears in my new short story collection, Overclocked. The mini was designed and illustrated by the talented illustrator Martin Cendreda, a former South Park animator whose new works include Dang! from Top Shelf Comix — a bitter and fantastic comic. The mini is published by Secret Headquarters, the best comic shop in LA.

To assemble the mini, download and print the PDF, then follow the directions included to fold it into a no-staple origami 8-page mini-comic — it’s all under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Sharealike license — share it, tweak it, remix it, just don’t sell it.


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  1. Chris says:

    This is really cool — I’m ever-so-subversively leaving them around my office as an inspiration to the oppressed folk here. – Chris

  2. “Printcrime” tackles one of my favorite subjects head on: What happens to the value of things when they can be synthesized as easily as a photocopy?
    I’m talking about a longer timeframe here: In a few hundred years or so, we should be able to “photocopy” a lot more things. The first ones that will be copyable are those with the simplest molecular structure, and the highest value: Raw diamonds, gold. Later on, we will be able to copy finely crafted gold and diamond jewelry, too.
    This will turn price structures upside down: The most valuable attributes will be originality and difficulty to replicate. As in a good novel or a good vintage of Bordeaux.
    Cory Doctorow, as an author, would thrive in such a future world.

  3. […] If you listen carefully you can hear me asking Cory Doctorow a lot of questions. Right after he finishes reading Print Crime I chime in. Here’s the audio…. Search […]

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