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I’m launching Overclocked at a signing with cyberpunk legend Rudy Rucker at Borderlands books in San Francisco on Thursday, February 8 at 7PM. I’ve had three book launches at Borderlands so far, each better than the last. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Where: Borderlands Books 866 Valencia St. San Francisco CA 94102 USA 415.824.8203/888.893.4008

When: Thursday, February 8, 7PM

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  1. kaitlyn gallagher

    I discovered your story Anda’s Game accidentally while teaching Ender’s Game to students in the 6th grade at a school in Mill Valley, California. I was so thrilled with the story that I used it as a complimentary teaching tool and had them write about it. I’d love to make it to this event and get this new collection. Congratulations.


    Congratulations to you, your family and many more … thanks for another stylin’ ride.

    You’ll know me by the camera faced body in Borderless Land.

    Carry on,

    Once & Ancient Future Past President Emeritas of the
    Rudolph von Bitter Rucker cuespace & fabulous fan club,

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