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For the Win, published in May 2010 by Tor (US) and HarperVoyager (UK) is my second young adult novel: a game about workers who toil in virtual sweatshops, “gold farming” wealth in video games for sale to rich western players. They form a trade union called the Industrial Workers of the World Wide Web, using the games to organize under their bosses’ noses. It’s an action-adventure story about games, economics and labor politics.

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  1. Leo Cohen

    When is the ebook going to be available? I have the dead tree Ed already ordered through amazon but want to e-read the book…

  2. Cory Doctorow

    Yup! Have a look at the FTW site — the link’s right there.

  3. slk

    Hey Cory .. loved the book ..

    Will be looking for hardcopy now, trying to recommend it to everyone. Also looking for more books of yours .. total new fan!

    Cheers from NZ.


  4. ulla

    In the past 2 mnths, I’ve read all of the free downloads of all of your books as mobi files. I’ve also pushed good friends to read you – and they have. I’ve ordered Little Brother from Amazon, which is expensive from South Africa – but hey, the 12 buck shipping fee was paid for by mturk work. I ordered it as a gift for 2 very cool teenagers, one of whom started reading it on my phone a while back. Being a completist sort of a nerd, I shall order the rest gradually, by the “grace” of turk work. Actually that seems like the perfect trade for your words – virtual sweatshoppery. For The Win is a great read and will be the next thing I buy the kids for sure. You’ve reached beyond Gibson’s firstworld dystopia and spec fic and pulled the genre into a very elegant global relevance indeed. I wanted all the stories in Overclocked to be novels. In a way, I’m addressing all this effusive warble at your books, rather than you as a human being. I hope you have read Kate Bornstein and Caitlin Sullivan’s Nearly Roadkill.

    I am v puzzled as to why more people don’t follow your lead ito drm and copyright issues. Visionary and so realistic.

    (I blame any typos on this phone’s teeny keypad).

    Thank you for the words and dreams and data.

  5. William

    Hi, Just finished reading this, and planning on getting ahold of the paper copy as soon as possible :) the book is excellent, and as someone who plays a lot of games and has a lot of friends from singapore and china, including some gold-farmers, the depth with which it’s been researched makes it all the more captivating.

    Planning to try a few of your other efforts now, here’s hoping they’re all as enjoyable!

  6. Wesley Stroupe

    I loved the book! Read about half on my kindle, then switched to my hard-back which now has your signature on it :)

  7. Eric

    I finished reading the book.
    My question to you:

  8. ulla

    They’re selling your last 4 books in a shitty city in south africa – I’m so stoked. Now I have 2 hardcopies.

  9. Bernard

    I went to school with your father Gordon….and know your aunt Mina….Is this what you do for a living

  10. Jan Andersen

    From Dagens Nyheter (Todays News, a leading Swedish newspaper):


    Kinesisk polis mot arbetarupplopp

    13 juni 2011 kl 15:46, uppdaterad: 13 juni 2011 kl 15:51

    Uppretade arbetare i Kina har i flera dagar trotsat polisen och dragit fram på gatorna i Zengcheng nära Kanton i södra Kina. De har satt eld på statliga byggnader, vält polisbilar och krossat fönster.

    Bakgrunden ska vara att säkerhetsvakter trakasserat en ung gravid kvinna.

    Kravallpolis försökte stävja upploppen, som hade tusentalet deltagare. Polisen sköt med tårgas på söndagskvällen och satte handklovar på gripna, rapporterar flera medier.

    Google translation:

    Chinese police against workers riot

    June 13, 2011, at 15:46, Updated: June 13, 2011 at 15:51

    Enraged workers in China has for several days defied the police and brought to light the streets of Zengcheng near Guangzhou in southern China. They have set fire to government buildings, overturning police cars and smashed windows.

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  11. tyler hewitt

    this book is amazing i’ve read this and little brother and i cant put the books down. i’ve read each exactly 4 times and on my 5th with for the win you have influenced me. i am only 15 and have written my own book because of you. thank you!!

  12. Kailani

    I love your books! They are extremely inspirational. I have decided to do my ELA project on you (:P). To try to inspire my class with the many things you advocate. Thank you! Please write a second book!

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