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Eastern Standard Tribe was published in March 2004. In the short time since, many of the elements of the story have started to come true. The book concerns itself with the conspiracies of management consultants around the world who form secret allegiences on the basis of the timezones that they choose to sleep in — everyone who keeps New York time all over the world ends up all pallsy-wallsy and savages those degenerates on Pacific time.

The whole text of the novel is available as a free download in a multitude of formats, as well as a physical object at bookstores everywhere.

7 Responses to “Eastern Standard Tribe”

  1. Nick


    I laughed my ass off while thinking “who the fuck is this guy”!

    You’ll be pleased/(and perhaps)surprised to know that I caved in and decided to wander the isles of Chapters where the only book that caught my eye was “Eastern Standard Tribe”, for which I happily plonked down my Interac card (I hadn’t expected to find anything worth my time in the dismal isles of what was once the Runnymede theater).

    It was worth every penny and then-some.

    Keep writing ‘em, I’ll keep buying!


  2. Charlotte

    Hey Cory,

    I read EST a couple of years ago, thought there were some very interesting ideas coming out of it, and I remember you blogging about how some of the ideas are coming to pass, and was wondering if you’ve seen this article:


    I’ve not got a NS subscription, so have not read the whole thing, but I thought it was interesting to see this idea coming out after EST…

  3. Jared Buck

    Hey Cory, thanks for the email earlier ;) Not everyday you get to email an established science fiction author, much less one I am still in regular communication with, like you are :)

    I’m gonna spend some time working on translating a few of your short stories into Russian, it will take some time as the Russian language doesn’t have Russian equivalents for many english words and terms. But I’ll try my best, you should be able to have your novels and short stories available in multiple languages, right?


  4. Jon

    Just read EST, my second Doctorow if you count “I, Row-Boat”, and my first ebook (proving that yes, I can read books on a screen after all). The screen was a nokia n800, the closest physical device I can think of ot the comms in EST (by coincidence). A good piece of fun, thanks!

  5. Henry

    I just read the .txt version of this from end to end and got an uncontrollable urge to tell the world that I fucking loved it. I literally didn’t move an inch the entire time. Must have been sat scrolling down all bloody morning.

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