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We had a fantastic event last night at Denver’s Tattered Cover — thanks to everyone, especially the Denhack crew, for making it so great — and now I’m headed to the airport to fly to Austin for an event tonight at Bookpeople with a special guest appearance from EFF-Austin!

Tomorrow night I’m at Houston’s Brazos Bookstore, before heading to Phoenix/Scottsdale where I’ll be onstage with Brian David Johnson, then on to San Diego, Portland (with Andy Baio), Seattle (with Neal Stephenson), Bellingham, Vancouver and Burbank (full details on the US/Canadian tour schedule).

Then I head to the UK where I’ll be in Oxford, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Hay-on-Wye!

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  1. David Mathias

    Yep. Will join the speaking part. Too bad my wife and son bought the new book at Barnes and Noble a week ago, else I’d get in the signing line. Will wear my Jill pin for kicks and grins, too! BTW, not all of us humans have their own websites….

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