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Here’s the audio from last night’s talk on the Internet of Things at Central European University in Budapest! It was recorded by the Mindenki Joga Radio Show.

One Response to “My talk on the Internet of Things, wealth disparity, surveillance, evidence-based policy and the future of the world”

  1. Mike Inman

    Great talk Cory. While I agree with the premise that secure communications and open platforms are key elements in improving my children’s futures, I still find myself using a gmail account due to lack of competitive secure alternatives. Sure, I have a couple of POP3/SMTP access points on which I can use any e-mail software, including highly secure options, but so few of my e-mail interactions would benefit from this (due to the receiving side not using secure options), and the lack of “cloud” access from any device, decades of 99.9999% reliable archiving, and a 900lb gorilla manning the whitelist/blacklist issues for the domain, means that the “open for snooping” alternative is where I do virtually all of my communication. I suppose Google is a little better than Facebook et. al, but I still am wishing for a digital world where you don’t have to do business with a 900lb gorilla to get basic services that work.

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