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I gave a talk at Google’s DatenDialog — a privacy conference — in Berlin some months ago, and they’ve posted the video.

4 Responses to “My privacy talk at Google’s DatenDialog in Berlin”

  1. anonym

    I thought exactly the same! It may have been provided by the org for the talk, thou.

  2. Cory Doctorow

    I’m reading from notes on paper there — the laptop was left there by the previous speaker.

  3. Hari

    It seems to me that the rationale and acceptance of limited products is already in place: motor vehicles that are limited in speed, so-called built in obsolescence leading to a lack of repair/recycle culture, foods that are filled with bulking agents to keep ‘food’ cheap. Manufacturers try to disguise (of course) how they give less for more (DVD box being bigger that CD box to give the perception of value even though the product is the same). SInce everything has now been commercialised, it is only to be expected that manufacturers will try to limit computers (more than Apple has for example with iPhone) to meet financial goals.

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