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Here’s a reading of my short story Brave Little Toaster, which was just published in TRSF, the inaugural science fiction anthology from MIT’s Tech Review. It’s a short-short story on the “Internet of Things” and what happens when it all goes wrong.

Mastering by John Taylor Williams: wryneckstudio@gmail.com

John Taylor Williams is a full-time self-employed audio engineer, producer, composer, and sound designer. In his free time, he makes beer, jewelry, odd musical instruments and furniture. He likes to meditate, to read and to cook.

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  1. Terry Hill

    Just finished Little Brother, Loved it! looking forward to sequel. (Saw your tweet) Thanks again for posting printed bicycle link, Here’s my contribution to fun: http://terrymaui.com/Frizbag.html Enjoy making one wherever you go.

    Mahalo, Terry Hill hirumaui on twitter

    P.S. MP3 link above only plays for 5 seconds

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