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Here’s the video from the talk I gave last week at the O’Reilly Strata conference on “big data” in NYC. The talk is called “Designing for Human Sensors, Not Human Barcodes,” and it talks about the philosophy underpinning the “privacy bargain” we strike online when we trade personal information for access to services.

Strata Summit 2011: Cory Doctorow, “Designing for Human Sensors, Not Human Barcodes”

2 Responses to “Talk on the privacy bargain, big data, and human sensors versus human barcodes”

  1. avb

    When it comes to Social Networking sites, will there ever be a well thought out and well designed site that implements what Cory talks about in this talk?

    Also, amazing talk.

  2. neb

    YES! this is great stuff. nice frameworks that make it obvious what is needed. Real ‘its good when i get it home and use it for a while’ quality in data design.

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