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Here’s a short video I recorded for The Guardian called “Every Pirate Wants to Be an Admiral,” in which I lay out the case for a less-restrictive copyright as better for culture.

Cory Doctorow on copyright and piracy: ‘Every pirate wants to be an admiral’

One Response to “Every Pirate Wants to Be an Admiral: why less copyright gets you more culture”

  1. Padraic Harley

    Hi Cory,

    Finally got around to watching the Guardian video where it had been stagnating in my bookmarks for most of the last month.

    Anyway, just have a question:

    On the video you went along the timeline from sheet music up until the internet, mentioning how when the artists started to record, the sheet music folk went all “Egad, a pirate!” at them, but the artists had the response “Well we did pay you for the sheet music after all”.

    Was that response able to continue all the way up the chain until today?

    The problem I found with it was those who pirate the films nowadays no longer pay (a lot of the time) for what they are taking and how should we excuse how that works inline with over the last century?

    Wasn’t sure about how it worked for VHS except maybe the excuse of “Well, we did pay for the cable subscription/TV Licence/whatever”.

    Anyway, just wondering about that!

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