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Mr K, a NYC high-school English teacher in a “high poverty” school is raising money to buy a set of copies of my book Little Brother for his grade nine students, who “do so uncritically with very little knowledge of their rights as users, architects.” I’m humbled and honored by Mr K’s faith in my book to help his students, and I’ve contributed to the project. One of my readers, Chris Holmes, is growing a mustache to support Mr K’s kids — who knew facial hair could do so much good!

2 Responses to “Raising money to buy Little Brother for a “high poverty” NYC classroom”

  1. James Riley

    I clicked through. Seems they made their total. Wow.
    1) It is crap that one of the richest countries in the world has schools/teachers resorting to begging for supplies
    2) This is about students interacting with digital media. Do they, or do they not, have access to digital copies?
    3) Regardless, I was going to help, I think. Dead trees are nice. Well, until it’s time to move flat (again).

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