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Here’s the video of my Melbourne Writers’ Festival talk from last week, “Copyright vs Creativity”:

2 Responses to “Video of my Melbourne Writers’ Festival talk”

  1. Dan

    I like what you had to say in the speeches above. Especially the opening about artists not making money and pointing out the ludicrous levels of hypocrisy that RIAA & DRM consortium use when trumpeting for artist’s rights.

    However, I do think information should be free, just as people should be free. Even more than some ideal, I am admittedly cheap.

    I will never buy music again. Whether it’s from imuse or a brick and mortar store. That product has been made obsolete in dollars & cents value to consumers like me. Sell me a T-shirt, sell me concert tickets, but never again try to sell me an mp3 because you are waisting your time. It’s time to innovate (oh so slightly in the examples above) on the revenue stream. At least for this consumer, being cheap, makes a difference.

    I look forward to the above happening for me with other media as well. I never want to buy a book again. I never want to pay for a movie. If it can be copied and distributed digitally, I want it to be free.

    I am cheap. *shrug*

    You might be interested in the latest B&S video:

    Particularly 12min in.

    (How to make a bit of cash? Do your own gigs and run your own bar.)

    PS: I enjoyed Down and Out, read it at the library, loaned it to a friend, he kindly took it back for me.

  2. sgroyle

    Great speech. The only comment I disagreed with was your comment about brand i.e. any sentence with brand in it is bullshit. You should have said, “Any sentence with brand in it said by a corporation is bullshit.” As a new author, my focus is to build “brand equity” through blogging, writing and, yes, commenting. It is very hard, as I am sure you know, however my “contract” with the followers of my brand is such that they DO have rights…

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