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Hey, New York! I’m in town for the next-to-last stop of my book-tour for my new YA novel For the Win, and I’ll be at:

* Books of Wonder, May 26, 6-8PM
* powerhouse Books, May 27, 7:30PM
* McNally Jackson, May 28, 7PM

The tour ends on June 4 in Toronto, with a stop at the Merril Collection — can’t wait to see you! (full schedule)

Reminder: There are plenty of libraries, schools, halfway houses and shelters hoping you’ll donate a book to them.

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  1. Robble

    I’m disappointed that you won’t be in NYC this weekend; I’m kinda indispensable at the workplace on Thursdays and Fridays and I live 3 hours Upstate.

    I thought you’d like to know that the picture of FTW’s cover in the top right corner of each page is still set to be a self-referential link back to the page you’re currently viewing. I discovered this when I hopped online moments ago, hunting desperately for another copy of FTW after my iPod ran out of power.

    Oh, and yes, that’s definitely a stealth-compliment about how much I’m enjoying the read. I can’t stand to stop, not now! I wish I had a kid to foist FTW on, and I’m definitely considering donating it to the schools of my childhood.

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