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Over the weekend, two educators wrote to me to tell me about blogs that contain curricular material based on my books.

The first, from Donald Riggs at Drexel College in Philadelphia, contains links and supplementary material for students reading my second short story collection, Overclocked. Donald put the material together because Overclocked was Drexel’s book of the year, given to the entire freshman class (I visited campus in November and met with students, taught a writing program, and gave a lecture). He’s got a ton of good supplementary links and glossaries explaining the technical and genre terms for a lay audience.

The second, from Deborah Menkart at the Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People ’s History project is a recommendation for teachers whose students are working with Howard Zinn’s brilliant “Peoples’ History” books to include Little Brother in their works.

Coming from a family of teachers (both parents, brother) and serving on faculty at two universities at present (Open University, UK and University of Waterloo, Canada), I’m always intensely gratified when educators use my material with their students.

7 Responses to “Teaching materials for OVERCLOCKED and LITTLE BROTHER”

  1. Nancy McKeand

    I used “A Place So Foreign” with my university level ESL students this past semester. They loved the story and it led to good conversation on what it means to be foreign and to grow up and lots of other topics. Thanks for making your materials available to us to use!

  2. Christopher Gutteridge

    We’ve just set a bunch of MSc students to each read a different web/futurist book over xmas to try and get ‘em thinking in novel ways. One of them got Little Brother. Other got Neal Stepehnson, Scott McLoud, Orwell and Heinlein. Hopefully the one who got “Crooked Little Vein” by Warren Ellis will be suitably open minded.

    Anyhow, we’ll see many awesome and dumb ideas they come up with after the holidays. Awesome and dumb not being mutually exclusive, of course.

  3. Todd Morgan

    Thanks for the links Cory. I finally got funding to buy 150 copies of the hardcover for my school, so on January 21st I’ll start my Little Brother unit using the curriculum we created for the summer reading program two summers ago, along with some new stuff I’ve created. I will definitely check out the Zinn Project materials and use anything that makes sense.

    All my best and many thanks to you.

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