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Here’s a mid-1980s CBC News scare-story about Dungeons and Dragons driving kids to suicide featuring (at 2:49 onwards) me and my classmates (the video is dated 1985, but I’m pretty sure this couldn’t have been later than my graduation from Junior High in 1984). Ignoring the crazy-ass fearmongering, it’s incredibly nostalgic to see all those kids I grew up with, playing with their minis and rolling their dice.

Dungeons & Dragons D&D Canadian Doc 1985 Part #2

(Thanks, Tim!)

11 Responses to “Meet 13-year-old Cory Doctorow, at-risk D&D player”

  1. Alissa

    Looks like Canada narrowly missed being overrun by homicidal Dungeons and Dragons players. Unless of course this era of peace is a tactical move on your part.

  2. Is_907

    Thankfully this is a fairly even-handed report… at least when compared to the classic scare-stories and propaganda like Jack Chick’s tracts.

  3. Is_907

    Also, I’m surprised at how young some of those players were. I mean, I got into gaming (computer, console, and tabletop) quite young… but some of those kids looked to be 8 or 9. I always forget how young that age looks, I guess.

  4. Glenn Fleishman

    With the trendy footgear even then, eh, if I have the right kid pegged.

  5. Farrell McGovern

    Boy, I must have been such a risk! Not only did I play D&D, I started my High School’s D&D Club, which ran until they closed the school about 5-6 years ago!

    Ah…the Crazy Years, as Spider Robinson called them…D&D serving as a gateway activity that lead on to Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, and then who knows…maybe even the rise of The NeoCon! :-)


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