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Samlaget, the Norwegian publisher for Little Brother, have released the full text of the book as a downloadable PDF. Samlaget have been incredibly forward-looking and a delight to work with. They brought me to Norway to participate in a debate on the future of copyright law at the Litteraturhuset, and my translator, editor, and publicist were all excited by the possibilities opened up by free digital distribution as a means to sell print books.

I often get asked why the foreign editions of my books aren’t available as a free download and the answer is simple: I rarely have any direct contact with my non-English publishers, let alone the kind of close working relationship that has enabled me to sell my UK and US publishers on the idea. But every now and again, a publisher will be excited enough about this to opt to put materials online off their own bat, and this is always wonderful for me. Samlaget is one of those publishers; Ragnfrid, my editor there, was the first non-English-language editor to buy the rights to Little Brother, right after it was published in English (her husband downloaded a free copy from my site, and shoved it into her hands!).

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5 Responses to “Free download of official Norwegian Little Brother”

  1. Mariann Lokse

    Great novel! I’ve just read the Norwegian translation (the paper version!) and it’s brilliantly done. Congratulations to Samlaget and Oystein Vidnes (the translator).

  2. Anonymous

    With all respects, did Samlaget inform you that your book in Norway was released in nynorsk, a Norwegian language used only by 10% of the population and detested by everyone in Oslo ?

    Will we EVER see a translation in Norwegian, or did this release block that possibility ?

    Samlaget, as you are probably aware, only releases in nynorsk, and it is likely they chose your book to try and make the language seem hip and modern.

    Read about nynorsk on Wikipedia:

  3. S

    Wanted to air this.
    Since it’s OS and getting distributed translated are educators picking up on the opportunity? Something people might want to talk about. I mean, if you do it, you might sound like an @ss, but if, say, someone that isn’t you, or me would… then…

  4. Trygve Bernhardt Moen Haaland

    As a Norwegian I have to get this. Too bad it is in New Norwegian. God, I hate that we are forced on us a made-up language like English. Still, with this, I have two Little Brothers in my shelf.

  5. Hilde Rise

    This is a fantastic book!
    It is stupid to discuss nynorsk and bokmål – every normal intelligent Norwegian person understands both perfectly well. I do! The book is very exiting and also very important and too bad if someone choose not to read it because of the nynorsk – his or hers loss! It must be a very Norwegian break of character – to brag about his lack of intelligence.
    Everyone can read this book! No problem! And go on – load it down and start today – you won’t regret it!

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