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The fan-translations of my short-short story Printcrime keep on rolling in: today there’s one in Hiligaynon (an Austronesian language spoken in Western Visayas in the Philippines) and another in Romanian, contributed, respectively, by Lorna Belviz-Pajo and Alex Brie. It’s just so wicked-cool to see your work take on a life of its own — I didn’t even know that Hiligaynon existed until a few minutes ago!

Krimen nga pang-imprenta (Hiligaynon), Crima Printării (Romanian)

3 Responses to “Printcrime in Hiligaynon and Romanian”

  1. jeff

    do you ever worry about the quality of the translation? if two different people come up with translations for one language, how do you verify one over the other as ‘more valid’, or do you even care?

  2. jeff

    do you ever have concerns about the quality of the translations? if it’s a language that you’ve never even heard of before, how do you verify the translation’s accuracy, or do you not care?

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