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Paul Parkinson has adapted “Hello Cory” (Kyt Dotson’s rollicking little fanfic story about, well, me) for audio, taking advantage of its Creative Commons license. He says, “Use, abuse, reuse. All yours.”

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2 Responses to “Hello Cory — the audio”

  1. Kyt Dotson

    I… Wow!

    I’ve been out all night (visiting Mill Ave) so this was an absolutely wonderful thing to come home to. I haven’t listened yet, but I do want to leave my abundant thanks to Paul.

    Evening everyone, I must be abed before I collapse like a tent with no struts.

  2. Ken

    Rollicking is right.

    What I find most amusing is that the first thing I thought when the cabbie leapt through the sunroof is “now it’s shifting to the fantasy genre”?

    Truth is, Mr. Doctorow, many of us think it plausible that you travel by balloon, be-goggled and be-caped.

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