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A couple weeks back, I went to Google and spoke there as part of their Authors@ Google series. I talked about how US trade policy had driven the US to abandon the tech sector and all the enterprises it supports in favor of a doomed plan to replace American industry with Police Academy sequels and Happy Meal toys. They’ve posted the video to YouTube.


4 Responses to “My talk at Google about trade policy, copyright and Happy Meal toys”

  1. Anon

    I really liked this. There a link for download anywhere?

  2. alex brooks

    I enjoyed the first half of your talk until it stopped loading. This is why i hate youtube; it’s great for america’s funniest intardnet clips but horrible for real content. If this had been a torrent, I’d have downloaded it in 5 min, watched it at my liesure, with the ability to start and stop. i would have watched it and by now i’d be a little bit smarter. instead I have to wait 30 min for youtube to load the first 30 min again. looking forward to the second half, anyway. thanks.

  3. tc forrest

    Alex, you can download it from youtube using VideoDownloader plugin for Firefox. It will save it as a .flv file that you can play with VLC


  4. Elijah

    Great talk. I found it extremely interesting!


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