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Locus Magazine has just posted its 2006 sf reader poll, looking once again to take the temperature of the audience for science fiction around the world. In addition to the standard demographic questions, Locus always asks for votes on its recommended reading list, and going over that list, I’m amazed by how many great books and stories came out in 2006 — it was a real vintage year.

I’m also proud to note that two of my stories, I, Row-Boat and When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth made the recommended list and are eligible for your votes!


One Response to “Sysadmins and I, Row-Boat on this year’s Locus poll”

  1. jeREMy

    I am torn, one part of my really wants to fill this out and support the Scifi community as well as Cory, but the other half of me knows that these details about me, my name, and address will be rented to whomever wants to send me some piece of direct marketing. Anyone filling out this form should consider how their information will be used before submitting the form.

    Cory, I think it is only fair that you put a disclaimer on this post on craphound and boingboing pointing out that most magazine companies make money off of renting the names and addresses of subscribers. Many of your readers may not feel that it is worth a free issue in exchange.

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