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This year’s World Science Fiction Convention starts a week Thursday, on August 24th, in LA. I’m doing a bunch of programming this year, as well as dusting off my tuxedo for the Hugo Awards ceremony, where I’m a finalist for my story I, Robot. I’m doing several signings, as well, but if you can’t make it to WorldCon, you can pre-order custom-inscribed signed copies (with free US shipping, too!) from Borderlands Books. Hope to see you at the WorldCon!

Thu, Aug 24

* 11AM: Sign at Asimov’s table, dealers’ room

* 2PM: Sign at Borderlands table, dealers’ room

* 4PM: Podcasting Science Fiction, with Stephen Eley, Paul Fischer and Evo Terra

Fri, Aug 25:

* 1PM: Bloggers as Public Intellectuals, with Kevin Drum, MaryAnn Johanson, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Phil Plait

* 3PM: Autographing

* 5:30: Can Science Fiction Change the World? with David Brin, Sean McMullen, Craig Newmark and Cecilia Tan

Sat, Aug 26:

* 1PM: Open Source Software, with Andrew Adams, Loretta McKibben and Eric S. Raymond

* 4PM: The Singularity — What Is It And Why Should You Care? with Todd McCaffrey, David F. McMahon, MD, Mark L. Olson and Toni Weisskopf

Sun, Aug 27:

1PM: Kaffeeklatsch

2PM: Reading

(Thumbnail of Hugo Award from a larger image on an AwardWeb page)

6 Responses to “My WorldCon schedule”

  1. Tim

    Hey, Cory – if you really want people to have your schedule, how about creating an iCalendar (.ics) file for people to download, or putting it up on Eventful or Upcoming? (someday tools will exist to make it easy… see http://www.calconnect.org)

  2. Tamu

    Will your schedule include gracing the Friday and/or Saturday night parties for Anticipation, the 2009 Montreal Worldcon bid? I’ll be watching the paint dry in la belle province, but the others throwing the party would surely appreciate seeing you there!

  3. R. Sean

    Really enjoyed your koffeklatsche…once we got away from all that noise downstairs.

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