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Escape Pod, the science fiction audiobook podcast, has just posted a 46-minute reading of my story Craphound, the first story of mine ever to be professionally published, back in 1998.

The excellent reading is performed by The Sound of Young America‘s Jesse Thorn. Jesse is also the son of Lee Thorn, the co-founder of the amazing Jhai Project, which builds and installs ruggedized, bicycle-powered WiFi links in rural villages in the developing world.

Escape Pod Episode 37 MP3

4 Responses to “Special interlude: Craphound”

  1. Andrew Preston

    Anybody else getting an “Internal Server Error” when trying to access this podcast?

    I know it’s not Cory’s server but I don’t know who else to talk at.

  2. Nate

    I downloaded Craphound as MP3 without a problem, and loved the quality of the podcast so much I subscribed via iTunes, which also updated flawlessly. What system are you using, Andrew?

  3. Nick

    Just listened to craphound and thought it great. I’ll never see car boot sales in the same light again. I thought the writing a superb example of what this genre should be about, the human condition.
    By the way it downloaded from itunes perfectly.

  4. Paul

    I read that story a few years back in the “Year’s Best” and thought it was amazing. I’ll have to check out the podcast version!

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