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Here’s the first installment of my reading of my story Human Readable, originally published in 2005’s Future Washington anthology. It’s the tale of a world that’s been upended by hyper-efficient planning algorithms based on ant-colony optimizations, so that Los Angeles has the best traffic in the world. However, when these networks crash, they really crash — cars, surfboards, and many other common conveyances end up catastrophically failing, with concomitant loss of life.

Part One MP3

6 Responses to “Human Readable, Part 01”

  1. Wilco

    I love it so far, I’m looking forward too to the next parts. Thanks!

  2. Chuck

    Yuck… it appears the Internet Archive has eaten those files. Instead of the MP3 you get a text stream reading “Error reading XML data”.

  3. Hank Roberts

    The irony, the irony …. I have eyes, not an iPod.
    Well, I’ve put it on the list to hunt down on paper.

  4. Alan

    Hello. This file plays ultra slow and low on my creative mp3 player. Not sure why; might be the sample rate? The others are fine. I’m waitng for the sarcastic ‘get yerself an ipod’. =^p LOVING your stories. You’re my #1 SciFi writer. Thanks for the casts!

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