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Yesterday’s in-game book-signing in the massively multiplayer online world Second Life went swimmingly. A variety of accounts of it are appearing now, including this liveblog on the Terra Nova blog and this Flickr set of photos from in the game, that includes some of the attendees’ avatars who turned up “dressed” like Mimi, a character from the book. Man, that was cool.

3 Responses to “Reports from in-game book-signing”

  1. Thomas J. Brown

    Man was it ever cool! I was having major issues with SL all day and I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make it, but did I end up sitting in between Falk Bergman and lilith Pendragon? You bet! That was exciting in and of itself, but both of my questions were asked and answered. Plus I got my book signed! An exciting day all around.

    So Cory, we’re going to hold you to what you said in-game; once you find time to eat and sleep, we expect to see you in world. Perhaps you can be the curator of the SL Library. -)

    An interesting little note: Second Life now offers Doctorow as a surname on their signup page. More than that, I’ve already seen people using it.

  2. Jonathan Ezor

    Cool! I did what I think was the first ever online book signing (an IRC chat where I inscribed and e-mailed scans of my book’s title page for participants using a digital tablet and stylus) for my book “CLICKING THROUGH: A Survival Guide for Bringing Your Company Online” (http://www.clickingthrough.com) back in 2000, and I’m thrilled at how even that technology has evolved. {Prof. Jonathan Ezor, Touro Law Center Institute for Business, Law and Technology}

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