US/Canada tour

As promised, here's the details on the short Canada/US tour for my novel Makers in November:

November 12, 7PM
Toronto, ON, Canada
The Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation, and Fantasy
239 College Street, 3rd Floor, +1 416 393-7748
Books by Bakka Phoenix
(you can pre-order signed copies from them if you can't make it).

November 16, 7PM
Cambridge, Mass
Harvard Bookstore
1256 Massachusetts Avenue

November 17, 7PM
New York City, NY
Borders Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle (@59th St and Central Park West)

November 20, 11AM and 1PM
Philadelphia, PA
Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine Street

NOTE: The library dates are apparently not open to the public -- something I just found out. I'm really sorry!

November 20-22
Philcon, Cherry Hill, NJ

If you're with the press and you'd like to arrange an interview, please contact Justin Golenbock (USA) (Justin.Golenbock@tor.com/646.307.5413) or Katherine Wilson (Canada) (Katherine.Wilson@hbfenn.com/905.951.6600 x271).

28 Responses to “US/Canada tour”

  1. David says:

    My ex-girlfriend bought me your first book. That's how good it is. So, yea, I wanna read the next one.

  2. Hub says:

    Nothing in the West? (like Vancouver, BC)


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  5. Jonathan Bruder says:

    You shoukd either read one of the shantytown scenes (maybe the meeting about the diabolical buyout?) or the intro to Lester and Perry. Worldbuilding stuff sounds fun without spoiling too much.

  6. Jonathan Bruder says:

    You should either read one of the shantytown scenes or the intro to Lester and Perry. The worldbuilding stuff is excellent, but doesn't spoil too much.

  7. Brian Newman says:

    You know, I hope, that people in Saskatchewan read more than any other place. Which is why my moving to Ontario raised the averaghe I.Q.'s of both provinces!

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  10. Eric says:

    Yeah, west coast dates please! Vancouver wants to shake your hand Cory!

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  13. LoCo Motive says:

    Things to do in DC when you're not dead...

    Just an FYI, in case you blow through:


    Make DC

    Dorkbot DC


    OLPC Learning Club DC

    DC FIRST Robotics

    The Brickskeller

    Dunno what else floats your boat (or if any of the above do).

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