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Santiago Benejam Torres converted Axxon’s fan-translation of Little Brother to ePub, and is making it available gratis on his site. Thanks, Santiago!

Update: I’ve just heard from Eduardo Hojman, my editor at Puck, that the Spanish edition of Little Brother will be published on March 7, under the title, “PEQUEÑO HERMANO”! It’ll be distributed worldwide — through Spain and Latin America.

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  1. Genevieve

    I’m really interested in this (potential) tension between the “fan-translation” and the “Spanish edition” of this work, as I’m trying to work up a presentation on the effect of Creative Commons licensing on translation for the Literature and Translation class that I’m taking. Are all of the “official” translations CC licensed as well, or do the publishers/translators have the freedom to license their work differently? Is the fan-translation remix you list licensed or copyrighted at all? Are the two translations expected to impact each other in any way, given the (actual or perceived) difference in quality between the work of a “professional” and the work of a “fan”? Does having an “official” translation serve in a sense to delegitimize the fan work at all? Was any attempt made to encourage your editor/publisher to pick up the fan-translation rather than use their own translator? I notice you don’t list the name of the “official” translator – is there a reason for that? Do you have someone consistent with whom you work for all of your translations in any given language?

    Any thoughts on any of these questions would go a long way to adding depth and insight to my presentation!

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