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Hey, Germans! Next Monday, I leave for a ten-day tour of Deutschland with the German edition of Little Brother. At my urging, my publisher Rowohlt has set an insane pace so that I get to as many places as possible. I’m coming to Hamburg, Braunschweig, Köln, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Erding and Göttingen.

I wrap up with two days in Amsterdam, where I’m appearing at Picnic and doing an event for the Bits of Freedom activist group, in honor of the launch for the Dutch edition of Makers.

Can’t wait to see you!

German tour schedule

10 Responses to “Coming to Germany, Amsterdam for Little Brother/Makers tour”

  1. Cathrin

    So sad I won’t make it :( I loved “Little Brother” and I’m currently reading “For the win”, super amazing stuff!! Have fun!!

    Best from Germany :)

  2. Ben Reichert

    Any chance of coming to Brussels sometime in the near future?

    Reading “For the Win” and finding it excellent!

  3. thorsten

    i’m really looking forward to meeting you in cologne on the 16th. especially since i’ll be sitting on stage with you and uwe-michael gutzschhahn. have a good trip and a great start to your tour – see on thursday!

  4. Michael

    Was just at the reading in Braunschweig. Great stuff, very glad you made it! If anyone has pictures of the event, please contact me. My camera just died and all I have is 2 snaps from my horrible phone. (twitter: michael_iedema or mriedema (at) gmail.com)

  5. Amy Garlick

    I enjoyed being at your Köln reading, Cory! That was a fantastic photographic backdrop behind the table you guys were at, too. It was totally fitting, funny that it wasn’t planned specifically for your visit!
    I wish you good luck and headache-free travels for the rest of your tour,
    Amy Garlick

  6. A13x

    I read your book after you were in Braunschweig and it was awesome. I really enjoyed reading it and I started to think about this.
    And I will follow your advice you wrote in my book, when you signed it and Stay Free!

    Greets from Braunschweig,

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