Audio remix of Eastern Standard Tribe

Corlin has produced a really interesting audio remix of Eastern Standard Tribe:

1) Record a page of text with Apple speech. (voice "Vicky") No editing this is just a straight read.

2) Run this audio file through "MetaMix", recording the output again...

MetaMix cuts any audio file into chunks of a set duration then plays these chunks back in a preset algorithmic way.

To make smoother transitions from one chunk to the next, MetaMix actually overlaps up to six chunks at a time. As a new chunks gradually fades in, an older chunk gradually fades out. This not only makes the sound more connected, but it can also create interesting composite textures.

2 Responses to “Audio remix of Eastern Standard Tribe”

  1. roo says:

    I like! That has a really nifty feel to it. It brings certain Radiohead tracks to mind (in a good way, of course).

    Good stuff Corlin.

  2. Reminds me more of Yazoo. All it needs is some Vince Clarke synth flourishes.

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