San Diego signing

I'll be signing Eastern Standard Tribe after my talk at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Confernece in San Diego.

February 12, noon, Westin Horton Plaza San Diego

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  1. Cory-

    Will you be coming with copies of your book for us to buy? Will you be at ETech prior to that, chillin' like a villin? If we are leaving ETech Wednesday morning, can we get you to sign our book or buy one from you before we leave, if we can track you down?

    Just some questions, since I will be leaving ETech early. And I love my inscribed copy of A Place so Foreign. If the answer to the above question is no, I will just buy a signed copy online. And it will be no big deal.

    Thanks for the new book. I'm going to start read now. Hopefully I make it to class tomorrow.

  2. I'll definitely be at ETCON from day one, but I dunno if there'll be copies in advance on offer. I'm still waiting to see if my author copies arrive before I leave for San Diego.

  3. jason cosper says:

    if i were to print out the pdf can i get you to autograph it?

  4. Dude, I'll sign anything...

  5. Patrick says:

    Hey man, is this novel actually out yet? I know that it's shipped, but is it in stores? I went to Stacey's at 2nd and Market (they had tons of copies of your first novel) and was told that it hasn't been released yet...

    So... what store actually has a copy of it right now?

  6. Patrick, I expect you'll be seeing this in San Fran bookstores in a week or so. Books ship surface from printers on the East Coast, and have the additional latency of being processed by warehousers at different places on the way. There will definitely be copies available at my San Francisco signings next week.

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