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On May 30, the Ottawa Citizen ran a great profile on me and my books, with a sidebar on other authors who ppost their work online. The Citizen has a weird policy where they only let subscribers see their online archives, but Brent Kirwan, a generous reader, has sent me a high-resolution photo of the newspaper spread where you can read it yourself.

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  1. ax174

    I downloaded EST, read some of it, then ordered the book online. What’s extraordinary about this? It’s the fact that I don’t read sci-fi (unless Margaret Atwood’s Oryx_and_Crake counts), never browse the sci-fi shelves at the bookstores or libraries, and have no interest in the genre whatsoever. But I knew of your book from seeing it at boingboing (this is from someone who knows the names of 3 sci-fi writers in total – and Asimov doesn’t count since I know him from non-fiction works), and after skimming a few pages of the download, determined that it was worthy of purchase.
    Kudos for making your work available for free online! Otherwise, I’d have never heard of it nor would I be enjoying it today.

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