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Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom has just been published in Spain as Tocando Fondo, and in Japan as マジック・キングダムで落ちぶれて ハヤカワ文庫SF.

There’s lots to like about both editions, but my favorite things are one, Javier “Barrapunto” Candeira’s kick-ass introduction to Tocando Fondo, and two, the amazing cover on the Japanese edition.

3 Responses to “Down and Out in Japan and Spain”

  1. emma

    These coverpages are really superb. Simply amazing.

    Just note down the difference.

    where the below one is sweet, the above one is as horrified.

    But both are stupendous!!

    Great!! :razz:

  2. danny

    These covers on the Japanese edition r amazing. Ya there is lot to like about both the editions specially these cover pages. But both r different from one another as pointed out by Emma.

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