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Ralph Amissah converted a couple of my books to his really exciting format SiSu. SiSu uses simple human-reabable markup and auto-creates several ebook formats, including PDFs, HTML, Docx, Epub, and plain old .txt (my fave!). I’ve really been looking for an easy way to “single-source” my books from manuscript to finished files, and this looks like a good candidate. Check out the conversions:

Little Brother


The SiSu converter is free/open and runs well on my Ubuntu Linux machine.

2 Responses to “Little Brother and Content, the SiSu versions”

  1. TCWriter

    There we go. SISU’s on the “to research” list.

    Looked at ReStructuredText, but it lacked some of the extra goodies I needed (superscript, strikethrough, etc). This looks a bit more promising – if a bet less readable in raw form.

    Now if I could find a writer-easy version control system (like git, but for normal people), I might suggest writer’s tools *may* finally be emerging from a regressive stage in their evolution, where all the power offered up by Moore’s Law was harnessed to produce… nice, neat margins.


  2. allan r wallace

    I’ll check SiSu out. I’ve been looking at smashwords as a free way to publish my open content novel. This looks like a good intermediate step.

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