After the Siege, Part 04

Here's the fourth installment of me reading my story After the Siege -- get the MP3.

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  1. Cory Doctorow’s work-in-progress serialized, podcasted

    Podcasted? Podcast? What’s the past tense of the word? Is there one?
    Anyway, Friday night I downloaded the previous 3 MP3s of Doctorow’s After the Seige. The fourth one is posted here. The author explains:
    The story I’ve started w...

  2. Tom Gastall says:

    Cory - thanks for posting the podcasts. They are great to listen to durung my commute.


  3. Haim says:


    Love the webcasts and the story. Could I request that you invest in a lavalier (tie) mic to boost the audio quality and reduce the buzz and hum in the recordings. Don't worry, if there is lots going on in your recording environment it will be picked up by the mic, however the quality and 'listenability' of your voice will be increased tremendously.

    Keep up the great work.


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