An Urgent Christmas Message

No reading this time -- I'm too hard at work on finishing the sequel to Little Brother -- but a Christmas wish from me to you: fight SOPA and save the Internet before the year is out!

Mastering by John Taylor Williams: wryneckstudio@gmail.com

John Taylor Williams is a full-time self-employed audio engineer, producer, composer, and sound designer. In his free time, he makes beer, jewelry, odd musical instruments and furniture. He likes to meditate, to read and to cook.

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4 Responses to “An Urgent Christmas Message”

  1. Muntoo says:

    I am not an American, but I have to say, this sucks.

    Also, please +1 and share these:

    (Currently the 'hottest' Google+ post.)

    (Used to be the 'hottest' Google+ post.)

  2. Anton G says:

    Not an American either. SOPA sucks, but there's also enough shenanigans going on with Internet here in Europe....

  3. Elvis says:

    It's pretty interesting that Xnet from Little Brother to fight the government and The Darknet Plan from reddit to circumvent govt/SOPA follow the same basic principle - hopping over wi-fi.

    It's intriguing, to say the least.

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