Overclocked and After the Siege are Locus Award finalists!

Woohoo! I'm on the Locus Award ballot -- twice! Once for Best Novella for my story After the Siege and again for Best Collection for my book Overclocked. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!


3 Responses to “Overclocked and After the Siege are Locus Award finalists!”

  1. Mary Piero Carey says:

    Hey Cory!
    Little Brother got into the Sunday funnies! Go here:
    Enjoy! Mary

  2. alex says:

    OVERCLOCKED is a wonderful book. I've been waiting to say thank you for your books and podcasts. Go on, write more. Thank you. And congratulations.

  3. Congrats - am reading Overclocked just now. Many props for the Snow Crash reference in Down and Out in the magic Kingdom, and for what feels like maybe a bit of Eric Nylund multi-personality exploration AND China becoming the last great free nation in "I, Robot." Am enjoying both books immensely.

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