Remixable tracks for song based on Overclocked

Midnight.Haulkerton, the band that recorded a song based on my collection Overclocked, have just released the song elements themselves under a CC license for your remixing pleasure. Joel Falconer from Midnight.Haulkerton sez,

Today, we released the remix pack for the Overclocked song. Now listeners can remix, re-sing or do whatever they want with it. All the individual tracks that make up the song have had all their effects stripped and are now stuffed in a zip.


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  1. Steve S says:

    Interesting. Yea, I heard the song and it would probably make some pretty cool mixes. I wonder if someone could put together a music video or something. That would be pretty neat.

  2. A music video would be pretty cool. Especially if it was matched with one of the remixes--really embrace the Creative Commons remix culture. If you know anyone, let them know. I don't have any contacts in that area at this point.

  3. [...] Thanks to Colin Wright, we have a great new remix of our song Overclocked, which we wrote based on Cory Doctorow’s story collection of the same name. [...]

  4. [...] Joe Falconer of the band Midnight.Haulkerton has done another song based on one of my works — this time, a track based on my novel Eastern Standard Tribe. The song is CC-licensed (as is the book) and ready for you to share and play with. What is the theme of this story? What is the theme of life? Do you want to be smart? Do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be content? If you want to be smart gotta be unhappy If you want to be happy gotta live in ignorant bliss If you want to be remembered gotta go down in flames If you want to be content you ain’t gonna be missed [...]

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