Shadow of the Mothaship podcast, Part 03 – CONCLUSION

Part three -- the conclusion -- of my podcast of my story Shadow of the Mothaship initially published in Amazing Stories magazine, Winter 2000, reprinted in A Place So Foreign and Eight More, Four Walls Eight Windows Press 2003. A strange, stylised Scientology/Alien-Invasion/Oedipus story.

Part 3 MP3

5 Responses to “Shadow of the Mothaship podcast, Part 03 – CONCLUSION”

  1. EdgeWise says:

    Did you mean to omit Part 2?

  2. joshua says:

    I dont understand why you think he would have meant to omit it?

  3. joshua says:

    Part 3 isnt able to be downlaoded i tried different browsers and even different pcs and a psp am i just slow or is this really not linking right?

  4. EdgeWise says:

    I don't think he really meant to omit part 2 unless he is experimenting with non-sequential storytelling (and after reading Someone Comes to Town, I wouldn't put it past him). However, I was able to deduce the location of Part 2 by the links for 1 + 3. (remember to change the podcast number).

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