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This is the second novel I've made available as a free download (the first, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and sold like hell). I'm delighted to do it a second time.

Here's the deal: I don't believe that there's any market-demand for teasers or for "Digital Rights Management" technology: none of you woke up this morning and said, "Damn, I wish there was a way I could get less of the books I enjoy and a way I could do less with them once I have them." My goal here is to figure out what people actually want out of electronically delivered text, and so I'm giving this novel to you in three open and flexible formats with an invitation:

Convert these files to any "e-book" or text format you want, and send them to me, along with a note telling me what reader it's intended for and I will add it to this page. The only caveats are:

  1. You have to include the entire text of the novel, including (especially!) the Creative Commons license and metadata
  2. If you are converting to a format that has some kind of use-restriction options (i.e., no-print, no-copy, etc), these must be switched off
  3. You can't include the cover art. That belongs to my publisher, not me
  4. No duplicates: if there's already a file available for the reader you use, don't send me another one with your favorite tweaks in it -- I'm not going to mediate catfights about how big the indents should be in Newton eBook Reader files or whatnot and besides, civilians who want to download a copy of the book shouldn't have to puzzle out whether they want the version with the curly-quotes or the foot-and-inch-marks

A note for downloaders: download this book. Enjoy it. If you feel so motivated, drop me a note and tell me how you used it and what you thought (and forgive me if I don't get back to you!). If you want to, go ahead and buy a copy and I'll get my royalty. But there's no obligation on you to buy it if you've read -- you're not ripping me off -- and forgive me, but I'm not interested in "tipjar" payments -- I'm not in competition with my publisher here. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you enjoy the book.

ASCII text file, 305k

HTML file, 348k (Thanks to Raja Thiagarajan for preparing this file!)

Printable PDF file, 379k

PDB file for the Plucker Mac/Lin/Win/Palm reader, 136k, (Thanks to Rob Pettengill for preparing this file!)

PDB file for the PalmDigitalMedia reader, 164k, (Thanks to Mark Frauenfelder for preparing this file!)

PDB file for the iSilo reader for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows, and Windows CE, 164k, (Thanks to Adam Knight for preparing this file!)

PKG file for the Newton PaperBack Reader, 616K, (Thanks to Victor Rehorst for preparing this file!)

GBA file for the GameBoy Advance Bookreader and the desktop emulator, 1MB, (Thanks to Dan Walkowski for preparing this file!)

PDB file for CSpotRun and other free PalmOS readers, 176k, (Thanks to Owen Williams for preparing this file!)

RB file for the Rocketbook, 160k, (Thanks to Adam Gurno for preparing this file!)

PRC file for the Aportis Reader, 176k, (Thanks to Pat Vaughn for preparing this file!)

PDB file for the TiBR, 176k, (Thanks to David Mortman for preparing this file!)

TR file for TomeRaider, 116k, (Thanks to Byron Collins for preparing this file!)

PRC file for the MobiPocket Reader, 189k, (Thanks to Geoffrey Kidd for preparing this file!)

CHM file for Microsoft Help Reader, 292k, (Thanks to Ilkka Huotari for preparing this file!)

GPK file for Geoworks Bindery reader for Zoomer and HP OmniGo-100 PDAs and the GEOS Desktop BookReader, 236k, (Thanks to Byron Collins for preparing this file!)

LIT file for MS Reader, 188k, (Thanks to Bruno Figueiredo for preparing this file!)

ZIP file for TI-Reader, 600k, (Thanks to Andrew Morton for preparing this file!)

RGO file for Repliigo for Palm, PocketPC, MSFT Smartphone, Symbian Series 60 and a bunch of others, 396k, (Thanks to Eric Lin for preparing this file!)

IMP file for Gemstar 1200/2150 dedicated ebook reader, 284k, (Thanks to Anthony J. Starks for preparing this file!)

GB file for the Color Nintendo Gameboy, 524k, (Thanks to Nelson Minar for preparing this file!)

PDB file for iSilo 1.5 and earlier (the last free iSilo, later versions are payware only), 144k, (Thanks to John Horner for preparing this file!)

NetDoc Web-based reader: Link, hosted by Helptools. (Thanks to Ilkka for preparing this file!)

Gzipped Tarball, for iPod Notes Reader, 128k. See these notes for installation and use help. (Thanks to J. O'Rourke for preparing these files!)

Minimal PDF, 340K PDF formatted for minimal paper use, 65 pages. (Thanks to Greg Sarab for preparing this file!)

Weasel for PalmOS, 120K file for use with the open source Weasel reader for PalmOS. (Thanks to Ovidiu for preparing this file!)

JPEG series, 12.7MB ZIP archive for use with the Sony PSP, see instructions for more. (Thanks to Musashi for preparing this file!)

DJVU File, 776K Djvu archive for use with the Djvu reader. (Thanks to Kevin Cole for preparing this file!)

IMP file, 252K imp file for use with the ET12 hardware ebook-reader. Will work with any EB1150 or ETI2. (Thanks to Jason Gay for preparing this file!)

TR3 file, 157k TR3 file for use with Tome Raider (Thanks to Mat Ripley for preparing this file!)

LRF file, 290K LRF file for use with the Sony Reader. (Thanks to Jon Wolf for preparing this file!)

Audio edition courtesy of Podiobooks

Java for mobile phones edition, thanks to Nicholas Bennett

ePub file, 339K ePub file for use with the Stanza. (Thanks to Tsana Dolichva for preparing this file!)

AZW file, 180K AZW file for use with the Kindle. (Thanks to Ian Bone for preparing this file!)

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