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Cory Doctorow

Here you'll find all of my nonfiction. Selected documents are available for download as PalmPilot-readable documents.

Amish for QWERTY, O'Reilly Network, July 2003
Choose your interface wisely -- you may be stuck with it

Can Wi-Fi Take Us the Last Mile?, Business 2.0, April 2003
Editorial on WiFi's value as a competitive hedge against the Baby Bells

Maximum Overdrive, Wired, March 2003
Feature on overclockers

Dead Air, Wired, March 2003
Brief review of Iain Banks's Dead Air

Just Not Evenly Distributed, Mindjack, February 2003
Review of William Gibson's Pattern Recognition

Exit Transmet, Wired, December 2002
Review of the final issue of Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan

Smart Mobs, Mindjack, November 2002
My review of Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs

TechTV's Catalog of Tomorrow, TechTV, September 2002
I was a contributor to TechTV's Catalog of Tomorrow

Essential Blogging, O'Reilly and Associates, August 2002
O'Reilly blogging book -- I wrote the opening chapter

Douglas Adams Speaks, Wired, June 2002
Quirky "interview" with the deceased Douglas Adams on The Salmon of Doubt

My Blog, My Outboard Brain, O'Reilly Network, May 2002
Editorial on the knowledge-management value of blogging

The Street Finds its Own Use for the Law of Unintended Consequences, O'Reilly Network, April 2002
Editorial on the costs to innovation of DRM and tech mandates

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Panopticon, O'Reilly Network, March 2002
Editorial on why Google's search-algorithm can't be beat

Entourage X, Wired, February 2002
My review of Entourage for OS X

Xircom Wireless LAN Module, Mindjack, January 2001
My review of the Xircom Wireless LAN Module for Palm m500 handhelds

2002: The Carpetbaggers Go Home, O'Reilly Network, December 2001
Editorial on the power of a flat-broke tech-sector

Springport Wireless Ethernet Module, Wired, September 2001
Review of a WiFi adapter for the Handspring Visor

Eastern Standard Tribe, Wired, September 2001
Feature on people who sleep on New York time

Virtual Light on the Road, Wired, August 2001
Review of No Maps for These Territories, a documentary about William Gibson

Ultimate TV, Wired, June 2001
Feature review of Microsoft's UltimateTV

Ventus, Mindjack, January 2001
Review of Karl Schroeder's Ventus

Eyemodule 2, Wired, May 2001
Review of the Handspring Eyemodule 2

Multiplier 600, Wired, April 2001
Review of Gerber's "Build-Your-Own" multitool

The Art of Innovation, Wired, February 2001
Review of Tom Kelley's The Art of Innovation

Eyemodule, Mindjack, December 2000
Review of the Eyemodule camera for the Handspring Visor

The Big Con, Mindjack, November 2000
Review of the David Maurer's The Big Con

Anglo Galactica, Wired, September 2000
Review of Jim Munroe's Angry Young Spaceman

Spice World, Wired, September 2000
Review of Bruce Sterling's Zeitgeist

Open, Sez Me, Wired, July 2000
Brief review of Aladn Home Automation system

A Second Date with the Gnomes of San Jose:, Mindjack
The second meeting of the Intel Peer-to-Peer Working Group

My Date with the Gnomes of San Jose, Mindjack
A First Person Account of the First Meeting of the Intel Peer-to-Peer Working Group

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Science Fiction, Macmillan, August, 2000
With Karl Schroeder

Interview with William Gibson, The Globe and Mail, November 30, 2000
Gibson on Toronto, nostalgia, and pop-culture

Transcript of William Gibson Interview
The raw transcript

Amphibious Assault, Wired Magazine, November 1999
My review of the Argo amphibious ATV

Top of the Food Chain, Sci-Fi Entertainment, Forthcoming
Indy Filmmakers Make Good

Lost and Found, Sci-Fi Universe, June 1998
Lost In Space

Spaced Family Robinson, Sci-Fi Entertainment, June 1998
Still Lost In Space

AIDS in Science Fiction, Sci Fi Entertainment, April 1998
Depressing As Hell

American Werewolf in Paris, Sci-Fi Universe, February 1998
More Dollars Than Sense: An American Werewolf in Paris

Flubber Flies Again, Sci-Fi Entertainment, January 1998
The Perfect Live-Action Disney Flick: Flubber

Alien Resurrection, Sci-Fi Entertainment, December 1997
My First Cover: Alien Resurrection

Cell, Wired, December 1997
Brief review of the PowerBooster 8000

Mortal Kombat II, Sci-Fi Entertainment, November 1997
Fifth-Highest Grossing Media Property of All Time: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

The Street Finds Its Own Ass With Both Hands, New York Review of Science-Fiction, October 1997
A Cyberpunk Rant

Dumpster Diving, Wired, September 1997
Trash Into Gold

Olympic Animation, Sci-Fi Entertainment, July 1997
Revisionist Disney History: Hercules

Mackerel: Burying the Fish, Wired, never published
The Life and Death of Mackerel Multimedia

Internet Column

I wrote a regular column for Science Fiction Age, reviewing science-fiction Web sites. I got the job when Scott Edelman asked Martha Soukup if she wanted it, and she turned him down. Hell, I'll take 'em anyway I can get 'em. Anyway, Scott seems pretty happy with the column -- he's doubled its length and moved it to the coveted back page.

It's always seemed a shame that none of this stuff was online. Sovereign Media, Age's parent company, has been slow to establish a Web presence for its titles, so I've gone ahead and put the old columns up for your perusal. I'll add a new one once the issue it's in is off the stands.

Inherent to the Internet is its mutability. I am positive that many of the links contained herein don't work. I don't have the time to research current links -- if you have any,
email me and I'll make the correction. Oh, and of course, if you want something reviewed here, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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