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Internet Column from Science Fiction Age,
July 1996

Cory Doctorow

The Sci-Fi Channel
From the cool animation on the main screen to the beautiful layout on subsequent screens, this site is pure mind-candy. In-depth data on tons of programming, an interactive chat section where hundreds of webnauts are avidly shredding each-other's fave authors, a choose-your-own-adventure graphic Beauty and the Beast game, video clips and audio chunks. Nice, very nice.
Wizards of the Coast
The zillion-dollar overnight sensations at WotC have produced a gamer's dream.site: touranment updates, high-stakes online contests, "secret" retailer previews, and list upon list of those precious, collectible cards.
The Lunar Institute of Technology
Those nutty kids at The University of North Carolina have established the virtual Lunar Institute of Technology online. Your one-stop-shoppe for everything from sexy spaceship pictures of obtruse manifestoes on Relativity Paradoxes.
Charles De Lint
De Lint, well-known author of several award-winning fantasy/magic-realist novels, has assembled a charming, if slightly low-tech homepage. Essays on music, art, and writing give us a glimpse into the soul of the writer.
Tor Books
Patrick Neilsen Hayden and the good people at Tor books have assembled the most net.savvy publisher's page online. Lots of free stuff -- sample chapters, author photos, notes on the publishing industry -- and TONS of links to other sfnal resources online.
Carnegie-Mellon Fiction Archive
This site contains links to the full texts of over a hundred novels and short stories, including works by Lewis Carroll, William Gibson, Mary Shelley and more. If you've got a REALLY good monitor, you may prefer to buy the paper version, but heck, the e-texts are free.
Talk aboutcher alternate histories! Werner Weiss, a hardcore Disnephile, has assembled a virtual theme park populated by Disney rides that've been discontinued in the 40-some years that The Diz has been thrilling kiddies and bankrupting their parents.
Project Galactic Guide
More evidence that on the Web, science fiction and fact smear together. This project, inspired by Douglas Adams' classic HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY series, is attempting to assemble a guide to the "known universe." Anyone can contribute, on any subject.
The Bad Guide to Star Wars
While your waiting for Lucas to get around to releasing the legendary new Star Wars movies, why not pop the original trilogy in the VCR and settle down with this guide to all that is Bad in the Star Wars universe -- enough bloopers, mis-cuts and errors to satisfy the most hyperfocused viewer.
Space Ghost!
From The Cartoon Network comes this site dedicated to the kitchy-retro sf cartoon show, a real treat to the eyes and ears, laden with sound, pics and trivia galore, plus pricey consumer durables to buy.
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