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Internet Column from Science Fiction Age,
January 1998

Cory Doctorow

It's high time I acknowledged writer Tom Marcinko for his frequent contributions to this column.

Hologram Tales
An audacious self-promotional effort from England's Steven Hunt. Hunt edits this online mag, filling its pages with snotty, entertaining, meanspirited genre gossip. Also present is lots of Hunt's fiction, film and book reviews, and mucho cheap-shots at British writers and fans. Of particular note is SCI-FINDER, the mislabelled science-fiction "search engine," which is actually a very complete and well-organized index of 'Net-based genre material.
Infinity Plus
Brits are definitely coming into their own online. Briton Keith Brooke produces this beautiful sf reprint site, and has attracted an impressive stable of writers who make their work available for public consumption: Steven Baxter, Ian McDonald, James Patrick Kelly, Jonathan Wylie and others.
Starship Titanic
It's a British hat-trick! Douglas Adams, the original galatic hitchhiker, has released an extensive promotion for latest book on the 'Net. It's gonzo, it's funny, it's in alphabetical order (!). Adams' humor is uniquely suited to online presentation: his books aren't novels so much as they are jokes that run on until he runs out of funny stuff; this hyper-story is as unstructured as any of Adams' books, but you don't notice it online.
Lunar Image Browser
The Applied Coherent Technology Corporation (I'm not makin' this up) is promoting itself with this excellent technical resource: a clickable, zoom-able map of the Moon's surface.
John Kricfalusi, my fellow Canadian, stunned the world with the disgustingly funny antics of Ren and Stimpy. They were so outre that the eeeevil networks forced his company to sanitize them, flensing away all the really icky, hilarious bits. John K. has had enough. He's taken his cartoons to the 'Net, where he is the final arbiter of taste. Beginning October 15th, you can tune in to netcast cartoons, 24 hours a day!
Steve Jackson Games
This is the only role-playing game publisher ever raided by the NSA for computer-crimes (see Bruce Sterling's Hacker Crackdown). Of course, they have a bitchin' Web site. Game rules, products for sale, collectible auctions, and on and on. If only all game publishers were this savvy.
It may be unweildy and slow, but man, is it pretty and informative. This is an awesome resource for information of the biggest little show in science: nanotechnology.
Quantum's Science-Fiction Modelling
I've never felt more humbled in all my life. I'm a pretty obsessive kinda guy: the sort of geek who can rattle off terrifying detail about half-a-million arcane and pointless subjects. These guys put me to shame. Y'know, I never mastered the art of building a model without slopping glue all over the place: I have a feeling these people would eat me for breakfast.
Ray Guns
A "celebration and study of toy ray guns." Too cool. Glorious photos, critical essays (!), a box art gallery, and a monthly pinup gallery! Don't miss the trader's heaven, where you can swap toys with other obsessive Big Kids.
The Barbie Chronicles
It's gotta be sf, 'cause jam don't shake like that. The Barbie Chronicles are a tribute to one man's obsession with an anatomical impossibility: the Barbie Doll. Dean Brown, a gifted and sadly misguided photographer, has produced this tribute to the doll to end all dolls, including a historical survey of fine art -- Barbie style!
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