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Internet Column from Science Fiction Age,
September 1997

Cory Doctorow

Maureen F. McHugh
Hugo-award-winning writer Maureen F. McHugh has produced a deep site with lots of intellectual heft. Includes a series of essays on topics ranging from writing to depression to being a "Wicked Step-Mother," as well as fiction and materials on China. Highly recommended.
De Web Mysteriis
This French site brings you the Cthulu mythos in obsessive detail and depth. You could spend as much time reading this site as Lovecraft spent in inventing the myth-set. In English and French.
Goosebumps: The Most Popular Children's Series of All Time
Scholastic Books brings us this site for "The Most Popular Children's Series of All Time." Yowza. Complete bibliography, games, a fan club and nonstop fun for the kiddies.
The Astounding B Monster
We have a winner! This is the coolest movie-related site I've ever seen. Not only is it *extremely* easy on the eyes, but it's also chock full o' fun trivia. If you're looking for info on bug-eyed monsters, futuristic rampaging surfers and hockey-masked slashers, look no further.
iComics is the online home of news n' reviews from the comics industry. A beautiful, timely site, featuring insightful reviews, industry gossip, and slick, professional layout and graphics. Don't miss the gallery of whimsical web games.
Grim Rides
The online home of the Grim Rides Funeral Car Club, based in (where else?) San Francisco. These folks collect, customize, detail, and drive hearses. Monster-truck hearses. Vintage 50s hearses. Sleek, modern hearses, with hand-detailed flames running along the sides. California! Go fig.
The Last Word
Why is the sky blue? Why is yawning contagious? Scientists, amateur and professional, plumb the Great Unanswerable Questions -- now I know that fish fart.
ToyJapan specialized in toys from Japan. Duh. Your source for keen plastic and tin Gigantor, AstroBoy, Godzilla and other merchandise. Prices are in Yen, so I can't figure out if this stuff is cheap or not.
Batman And Robin
Grossly overdesigned and barely navigable, this site requires the Shockwave Flash plugin from Macromedia. It took me over three minutes to lead each screen, and I never did find much besides pretty pictures. Sort of a metaphor for the Batman films: too much money, not enough brains.
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