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Internet Column from Science Fiction Age,
May 1996

Cory Doctorow

A note to readers:
As of the day this was written, February 5, 1997, the good folks at Netscape have released their (semi?) final versions of their excellent WWW browser. Be sure and score your copy at:


Usenet Alternate History List
Robert B. Schmunk, a NYC-based fan, is the keeper of this impressive and extensive list of alternate-history materials. Included is a chronology of alternate history, an exhaustive bibliography and historical perspectives on the genre.
Alternative Sexualities in Science Fiction and Fantasy
When I worked at Bakka, the science-fiction bookstore in Toronto, we were always on the lookout for gay themes in sf&f -- several of our customers were avid seekers of such. Mary Anne Mohanraj has posted a lengthy bibliography for the world to use.
Search SF & Fantasy Reviews
From Sweden comes Stefan Petersson's engine for simulatenously searching several Internet-based indices of sf/f reviews. If you're wondering whether someone's earlier works are any good, or looking for a new author, this is the best place to start.
From Dusk till Dawn
Quentin Tarantino may not have the geek.smarts to put together a page for his new Vampire movie, From Dusk till Dawn, but that hasn't stopped the 'Net. A California high-school student has put together a really cogent, cool site for the flick, including stills, clips, and interviews. Neat behind-the-scenes footage.

The Other Change of Hobbit Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookstore
Not the prettiest site I've seen, nor the easiest to navigate. Nevertheless, this west-coast specialty bookstore has a =lot= of content here, with oft-updated lists of what's new in the store, used book searches, and a virtual counterperson who'll help you find a book or story based on a description.
The Interactive Novel
A "novel" that allows registered users to add their own tangents, sub-plots and sequences. The collaborators here have created a horror novel that varies wildly in quality from the truly icky to the merely hackeneyed.

Furor Scribendi
Octavia Butler's advice to writers. Don't let the extremely difficult Web address scare you; this is good stuff and worth the typing.
L. Ron Hubbard Internet Site Home Page
This site is owned by someone called Rivendell Technologies, Inc. in California. Rivendell's gotta be on someone's payroll, since this site is a major stroke-job for the frozen founder of Scientology and his disciples, who are currently making net.history with a tightly interlocking series of lawsuits, search-warrants, and hacker-spawned "cancelbots" that erase the words of their detractors from the 'Net. Science-fiction-cum-fact-of-life?
Kimono My House
The Mecca of Japanese toy collectors. Based in California, Kimono makes their catalog of bewildering, highly flammable -- but nifty -- toys available online: Astro Boy, Star-Blazers, Robotech. Collect the whole set!

LACon Home Page
Maybe it's the record low temperatures here in Toronto, but California is on my mind. I've already started stashing pennies for the trip to the 54th World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA. This site is a great sneak-peek at this fall's festivities: programming, events, Guests of Honor, Art Show and the obligatory gas, food and lodging.
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